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Hello, I am Kate Rose, I am a cat mom, freelance writer, and lover of all things mental health. I always enjoyed reading when I was growing up. I would read fanfiction and every series I could get my parents to get for me.

I would occasionally dabble in writing my own fanfiction, which I have now not done in years but enjoyed at the time. …

I have struggled with mental health problems for years; I have finally been given an answer.

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I have been trying to get a diagnosis for years now but I finally made progress starting at the beginning of this year. If you would like to read about my previous struggles finding medication check out this story below.

At the beginning of 2021, my doctor recommended that I should get tested for ADHD considering my mom’s history of having it along with symptoms that I was having. Form this she referred me to a doctor to have a neuro-psych evaluation.

She referred…

My goals in life have changed and for the better

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Small Family Farm

My goal after struggling with knowing what I want for so long is to have a sustainable healthy farm. To raise healthy and happy animals for meat and milk.


I would love to show goats and have Nigerian dwarf goats. These goats are amazing milkers while costing less to maintain because of their small stature. With the goats, my goal would be to produce a good milking herd that has lovely stature for showing.

Then the kids could be sold to other families who want milkers or to those who wish to show for 4H or starting their own herd…

Something I have been struggling with for a few months

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I went to my doctor back in May after I got diagnosed with ADHD along with some other things. I was going back to my primary care doctor on her recommendation to continue on the journey of trying to find the right medication for me.

So, I went to this appointment at it she said that we should try ADHD medication but in order to do so I would have to have a drug test. I freely admitted that I wouldn’t pass so there would be no point.

She went on to tell me that because ADHD medication is regulated…

Mental health is no joke, and struggling to find medication is exhausting

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Gene Sight testing is something that can be done for those that are having difficulties finding the right medication. There are many different medications that the test is testing for. It looks that how the medications would react with your genes.

From ADHD, anxiety, SSRIs, and other medications relating to the psychoactive part of your brain. It can also tell you how your folic acid conversion is which is important as people who are lacking in folic acid can increase those mental problems.

When I got my results I felt so gratified because every single medication that I had been…

There is so much racing for the end but no end in sight

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There is a race or a trajectory that most people are on when it comes to their job. It is a never-ending competition to get the best one whether that be through how much money it pays or the work environment.

There is an inherent race that happens to people trying to move up the ladder in life. This race can lead to an unfulfilled life though. It can lead to doing things for someone else not for yourself working long hours and it can lead to unfulfillment.

Some people love their job and love the career that they went…

An opinion of someone who was in public school and saw the horrors

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I went to public school growing up, I was an only child with parents who worked forty to fifty hour weeks. They did not have the opportunity to homeschool me due to their workloads. They both needed to work to keep a roof over our heads so I had to go to public school.

I hated public school for a multitude of reasons most of all being the bullying. There was more than enough of it to go around in my school. I never felt like I fit in and I was always an outsider looking in. …

Kate Rose

Writer, Marketer & Entrepreneur. I write about Personal Growth, Mental Health, and Education.

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