Dancing is hard on the body, but there is much you can do to counter it.

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I took dance classes from when I was three all the way until I graduated from high school. I did take one year off when I was ten because my mom made me choose between dance or cheer, and I decided to cheer that year but never again after that. I missed dance too much cheer did not even compare.

Dancing is hard on the body, though if there is something I wish I knew growing up, it would be how to treat my body after a workout. …

Students are not taught nearly enough about what they will need after they leave school.

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School Doesn’t Teach Us Enough

The school doesn’t teach us nearly as much as we need to know. They drop the ball when it comes to health education; from sex to mental health, they do not explain enough or deal with what is happening to us. It is difficult growing up and not knowing how to handle your stress and anxiety or those feelings of depression creeping in. It is even more difficult if I have battled an eating disorder on top of mental ones. …

Social dancing is something that some people would consider a thing of the past. Should it be that way?

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Social Dancing

Social dancing consists of ballroom dances. Some would consider them old or outdated unless you are at a wedding. I took a social dance class in college because I have been a dancer my whole life from when I was three until I graduated high school.

I missed dancing in college, though, so I decided to take a class they offered called social dancing. I loved it; it was different from what I grew up doing. I was used to ballet, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical. This was very different because you have to trust someone not to step on your…

Kate Rose

A 21-year-old college student from Michigan

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